Leadership Program

About Our Leadership Program

   As an organization, we are moving into our fifth year of AHE’s Leadership Program. AHE’s Leadership Program guides SEAA youth through training focused on public speaking, time management and conflict resolution with the goal of bolstering self-awareness. Through specific training and support, we plan to bolster the youth and leadership to knowledgeably and confidently engage with decision-makers.

   The purpose of this program is to ensure that decision makers are educated by community members regarding the needs of their community for green space. Specifically, to ensure that the SEAA youth population is able to influence land-use planning and policy decisions so that their disadvantaged and environmentally burdened communities are granted equitable access to safe places for play and physical activity in their existing neighborhoods. Through raised community awareness and advocacy with like-minded agencies, we hope to promote the necessity of utilizing local and state funding to plan and create these spaces in existing SEAA neighborhoods.