showdown for hope

About a Showdown For Hope

Showdown for Hope is an annual sports tournament hosted by a group of young people working with A Hopeful Encounter in Fresno, California.  This event is the culmination of an 8 month program for the young people to utilize the skills they learned.  This program equips young individuals with the skills for community organizing, event planning, advocacy work, cultural appreciation, outreach and marketing, and most importantly, leadership and public speaking skills. More than just a sports tournament, Showdown for Hope establishes a platform for the local South East Asian youth and community members to express its cultural diversity.  Through the spirit of competition, the event provides a platform to further galvanize the young people to use their passion for their sport to high-light a local or global cause.  

Showdown For Hope 2019

CALWA Park Fresno, CA

Showdown For Hope 2018

CALWA Park Fresno, CA