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Goal for Sponsored Boxes

2019-2020 school year 100%
2020-2121 school year 100%
2021-2022 school year 25%

Local students & teachers as global change agents! Thank you to the Hmong Language Teachers and students from Edison, Hoover, Bullard, and Fresno High for sponsoring our Student of Hope Box for the entire 2019-2020 school year, supporting and inspiring 8 students in middle and high schools in Laos to continue their education!

Student of hope box recipients

(Touyang Upper Secondary School- from left to right (Arick Xiong, Yerlor Pachai, Thongsy Lee, Kengkhang Yongxeng, & Susan)

Mr. Kengkhang Yongxeng is 16 years old and studying in the 11th grade at Touyang Upper Secondary School. He is an orphan. He lost his biological mother at a young age and his father remarried. In a moment of some bitter twist of fate, his father passed and he was left with only his step-mother. She soon remarried and could not take him with her. Today, Kenghang lives with his older brothers and sister-in-laws in Hoiqinling Village in Nonghet District. Kengkhang shares that when he grows up, he wishes to become a teacher. He believes in developing individuals to their full potential through education to contribute to the development of his country in the future. 

Kengkhang’s teacher shares that he is a hard-working student who always pays attention in class. He actively engages in class by asking inquisitive questions. His teacher notes that he has a curious nature and is always researching and seeking to learn new things. His academic achievements are among the highest in his class. As a student he has perfect attendance, always completes his homework, and is very disciplined as well as gentle. 

His teacher nominated him to receive the Student of Hope Box because he believes Kengkhang is a great role-model and that the box will help keep him motivated to reach his dreams. His teacher’s name is Mr. Lorhang Palee. 

Mr. Yerlor Pachai is 14 years old, studying in the 9th grade at Touyang Upper Secondary School. He lives with his family in Namkhoua Village in the Nonghet District. His family are farmers and rely on the profits gained from their annual crop harvest for a living. Yerlor shares that his family often struggles yearly to make enough to support the family. When he grows up, Yerlor would like to continue his studies at the University level with a major in the English or French language. He believes through these studies, he will have the opportunity to study abroad to expand his horizons/knowledge of the world. He hopes to bring back this knowledge to tackle his community’s struggles and concerns.

His teacher describes him as a student who sets a good example for his peers through his hard work. His academic achievement is excellent as he ranks either No. 1 or 2 in all of his classes. His teacher nominated Yerlor to receive the Student of Hope Box because he has great character. He listens well and exhibits proper behavior and manners. He believes the Student of Hope Box will help ease his parents struggles to support him in school and give him the opportunity to develop himself to achieve his dreams. His teacher’s name is Ms. Minlor Yongxenglor.

Khamphanieng Upper Secondary School- (from left to right: Piter Xiong, Susan, Arick, Mr. Yengyang Chiakao (Principal), Kashia Yang Yongyia, Lao Lor Wanpao, Ms. Bounsy Phanthaxay, Mr. Bouavanh, & Thongsy Lee)

Mr. Lao Lor Wanpao is 16 years old studying in the 10th grade at Khamphanieng Upper Secondary School in Nonghet. In a family of 8 people, he is the only son. Lao Lor currently resides with his family in Khamphanieng Village, in Nonghet. He shares that his family is poor, but they are humble rice farmers. When he grows up, he wishes to continue his education at the University level in the field of law to gain a better understanding of the political system and laws of the Lao PDR. He states, “When I get more skills and knowledge, I will contribute and serve in our society and help my community.”

His teacher describes him as a patient and humble student who studies hard and has a desire to learn. An example of this is Lao Lor’s open-minded nature when exploring and seeking new things in all subjects. Lao Lor enjoys physical activities and is very good at them. He competed in a sports event and won 2nd place at the district level. Not only does he excel in sports, he also ranks No. 1 at the top of his class.

His teacher nominated him to receive the Student of Hope Box because of his persistent attitude towards learning. He believes the box will help Lao Lor in his educational goals. His teacher is Mr. Bouavanh.

Miss Kashia Yang Yongyia is 13 years old studying in 8th grade at Khamphanieng Upper Secondary School.She is the oldest of 4 children with 3 brothers and no sisters. Kashia shares that her family are farmers, and while they don’t have much, they always have each other. She states that her family is warm and loving. Her dream career is to become a teacher. She wishes to help develop her country’s economic growth so that her country can become a role model for other countries to follow in the future. 

Her teacher describes Kashia as an excellent student who actively engages in classroom lessons. She is not afraid to ask or answer questions. Kashia’s teacher credits her academic achievements to her discipline in studying and completing homework. Kashia is her top student. Her teacher nominated her for the  Student of Hope Box because she wishes to help encourage Kashia to be resilient in her pursuit of education. Her teacher is Ms. Bounsy Phanthaxay. 


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What was once only a vision became a reality. Mai Chou Thao started the program Student of Hope box about 2 yrs ago with us, but with little resources, it took awhile for the program to start. Happy to say the Founders (Arick & Susan) of A Hopeful Encounter had the pleasure of hand-delivering the boxes to our Oct & Nov recipients!

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